Tourism in Swat Pakistan


The capital of swat is saidu sharif.The main language spoken in this valley is Pashto/pakhto. Mingora is the commercial hub of swat.it is located 2km away from saidu sharif. Mingora city is famous for shopping and many minerals are there such as emerald reserve are in hills northwards of the town.Swat is located in foothill of the hindukhush mountain range.Swat lies between 34-40 to 35 N latitude and 72-74 6 E longtitude. Swat is very important because of its location, it lies between south-asia,central asia,and china meets. We can reach in swat through Rawalpindi,Peshwar and Islamabad.distance from peshwar is almost 151km anfrom Rawalpindi through nushewra malkand mardan is 270 km. you can also move on your own vehicle through Islamabad M-1 motorway.Transport route are open throught a year,buses are also available like daweoo, faisal movers.


Swat valley known as udyna and later name was changed to suvastu. The valley was first conquered by Muhammad gazni.At this time, agricultural growth has been upgraded and got significant trading business.Many cultural groups are living in the swat valley. Pakhtons, kohistanis, gujar, yusafzai, awan.

Mini Switzerland

Swat valley attraction of tourists due to valley archelogy, lush green sites , history and their art. valley archeology have different buddhas ‘spot, stupas, and different places of buddha’s where they meditate. During the visit Queen Elizabeth 11 called the swat is the Switzerland of east because of its beautiful scenery, archeology, and the lush green fields. The tourists all around the during their visits called swat is the paradise on earth because of its peaceful and green soothing environment. 

Bright green field and forests, picturesque and river boosting shades of so clear that you could thought you are in a fairy tale.

Swat valley Heritage.

People living in swat valley make different types of things, handicrafts of swat valley is very famous, they made different types of decoration for household with percious stones, wooden work is also famous, different wooden artist are here making different type of wooden wok. hand-made ornaments of stones, precious stones are easily available.


House-Hold Articles


Decoration article for home

Wooden Work

furniture for office, house, and company.


furniture for house, office, company.





Handmade Ornaments

ornaments of swat

handmade ornaments

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